Design a Smart Package for a Product or Service

  • build your package
  • use technology as an enabler for your concept

This was the final package concept, I did for the hip hop segment. I ended up laser cutting a box and fitting it together using notches. No Glue
It is also possible to print on a type of plastic-like material made from rice which means that it would be easily bio-degradable but due to time-restraints I opted concentrate more on the package design than sourcing the proper green materials.

The Inside of the Package

When opening the package, I wanted to give the purchaser a small taste as to the culture of the dance that they were buying into. In this case you have ‘5’ examples of Movies, Festivals, Dj’s and even Jewelry related to Hip Hop. If dance can be considered an attitude, I figured it’s best to start getting into the culture in various ways. There’s even a recipe for Snoop Dog’s preferred alcoholic cocktail ‘Gin & Juice’