Compilation of Final Prototypes

This was a 10 Week course I gave for the 2nd year Masters of Interaction Design students at the Umeå Institute of Design in 2014. The purpose of the course was to design a wearable and create a semi functional prototype that could be experienced.

The students were asked to design a wearable system that enhances an athlete’s experience

The Course ended with a wearable exhibition at the Sliperiet building in Umeå, where the public was invited to interacted with the pieces and the students could reflect on their work.

Results of Borås Workshop

the Noisy Coat

Elevator Stories

Hidden Perspectives

Results of Final Student Concepts

“Sway” tech garment for climbing

“Nylander” A wearable wristband for archery

coming soon: ‘Goofy’ Musicalize your skateboarding style