Portrait Image of Ru Zarin
Photo from the book “Designed in Umeå : industrial design at the Umeå Institute of Design”

A little background

I grew up in and around Toronto, Canada and have since then lived and studied in numerous places, bouncing around Australia*, France**, Croatia and Spain before finally settling in Sweden.

The move to from Montreal to Umeå was in order to enroll in the internationally acclaimed Umeå Institute of Design. In 2009 I completed a Masters in Interaction Design with a final project centered on designing for children with cognitive disabilities.

Directly after the Masters, I had the opportunity to work at the Interactive Institute, creating an array of rich interactive projects by bridging design and technology while paying close attention to the human element in the equation.

Not ‘just’ a UX designer

During my tenure as an applied design researcher and lead UX, I also had the opportunity to complete a PhD in the burgeoning area of Human Computer Interaction and Sports, specifically as it relates to athletic experience, publishing and successfully defending a thesis. This Doctorate was also conducted at the Umeå Institute of Design while funded by Stiftelsen för Strategisk Forskning and partly by Baltic Gruppen. All this while raising three little ones at home (wasn’t easy).

Today I work as a Principal UX Designer at Sweden’s largest bank specialising in the area of stock trading and other financial instruments.

*  Fun fact #1 My Bachelors project was an interactive film that was shown in 3 international film festivals (Korea, Croatia, and Toronto)

** Fun fact #2 Was a registered European tour guide, guiding trips throughout Europe, such as Swiss, Italian and French Alps, Paris, Norway, London even the Ukraine

Brands I’ve Worked with
Kraft Foods