Portrait Image of Ru Zarin
Photo from the book “Designed in Umeå : industrial design at the Umeå Institute of Design”
I grew up in and around Toronto, Canada and have since then lived and studied in numerous places, bouncing around Australia*, France**, Croatia and Spain before finally settling in Sweden.

Eventually, I made the move to Umeå in order to enroll in the internationally acclaimed Umeå Institute of Design. In 2009 I completed a Masters in Interaction Design with a final project centered on designing for children with cognitive disabilities.

Since then, I have been working at the Interactive Institute, curiously exploring rich interactive projects by bridging design and technology while paying close attention to the human element in the equation.

Recently, I have also completed a PhD in the burgeoning area of Human Computer Interaction and Sports, specifically as it relates to athletic experience, publishing and successfully defending a thesis. All this while raising three little ones at home (wasn’t easy).

What now? onward to new challenges…

*  Fun fact #1 My Bachelors project was an interactive film that was shown in 3 international film festivals (Korea, Croatia, and Toronto)

** Fun fact #2 Was a registered European tour guide, guiding trips throughout Europe, such as Swiss, Italian and French Alps, Paris, Norway, London even the Ukraine

Brands I’ve Worked with
Kraft Foods